Terry McAuliffe is Not the Jobs Creator He Claims to Be

Terry McAuliffe is Not the Jobs Creator He Claims to Be

October 19, 2021

Terry McAuliffe likes to tout his economic record on the campaign trail, frequently attempting to sell himself as a jobs creator for Virginia. However, an analysis from the Richmond Times-Dispatch proves McAuliffe’s track record does not line up with his claims. 

According to the report, 40 percent of the job deals McAuliffe made during his first term as governor did not result in a single job for Virginians.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: “Of the 79 economic development deals McAuliffe executed that have reached their deadlines, 31 delivered as many or more jobs than were promised. An additional 48 projects didn’t perform as well or deliver jobs as quickly as promised; of those, 32 didn’t produce a single new job in Virginia. Seven other projects that account for 926 jobs received extensions that are ongoing.”

Virginia experienced unexceptional job growth under McAuliffe’s leadership, despite the former governor’s assertion that he “created more jobs than any governor in the history of Virginia.”

The Washington Post: “Compared with that of the previous seven governors, McAuliffe’s jobs achievements would be in the middle of the pack. George Allen (R) ended his term with 313,300 net new jobs. James S. Gilmore III (R) had 221,000. Mark R. Warner (D) had 207,300.”

McAuliffe also said he would repeal Virginia’s right-to-work law if given the opportunity, which would jeopardize thousands of new jobs across the state.

The Free Lance Star: “However, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, the state agency working to lure new business projects to the commonwealth, warned that repealing the law would jeopardize 260 potential manufacturing and supply chain projects that would create more than 32,700 new jobs and bring $16.7 billion in capital investment to Virginia.”

Bottom line: Terry McAuliffe had his chance to deliver jobs for Virginians, and he failed. A second McAuliffe term would be another devastating blow to workers throughout the Commonwealth.

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