Terry McAuliffe Continues His Lying Spree

Terry McAuliffe Continues His Lying Spree

October 6, 2021

Repeatedly over the past few months, Terry McAuliffe has released false attack ads against Glenn Youngkin that have since been debunked by fact checkers. The Washington Post gave McAuliffe four pinocchios for his most recent ad, calling it “flat-out false” and saying “there is no excuse for such flimflammery.”

How many times will McAuliffe get called out for spreading misinformation? According to our records, at least five.

Here’s a look at McAuliffe’s false ads and the less-than-rave reviews they earned from the Washington Post and PolitiFact.

Washington Post: McAuliffe ad slices and dices Youngkin’s comments in a misleading way

This ad slices and dices Youngkin’s comments to misleadingly claim that Youngkin praised McAuliffe’s tenure as governor. But instead, Youngkin was merely a moderator at a business panel, making benign comments and offering no indication he was a ‘big fan’ of McAuliffe.”

PolitiFact: McAuliffe claim about record education spending is flawed

“In raw dollars, McAuliffe did sign budgets during his last two years that set state records for overall education spending and per-student outlays. But for historical spending comparisons to have meaning, inflation must be considered. When it is, McAuliffe’s claim comes up short.

We rate McAuliffe’s statement Mostly False.”

PolitiFact: Did Youngkin call COVID relief unnecessary?

“But McAuliffe skips important information. Youngkin also said, before the ad aired, that he supports popular aspects of the law that gave $1,400 checks to many people, increased tax deductions for children and sent aid to small businesses.

“McAuliffe takes liberty with Youngkin’s statement and his position on COVID relief.
We rate his ad statement Mostly False.”

Washington Post: McAuliffe’s claim that Glenn Youngkin ‘wants to ban abortion’

But McAuliffe is twisting Youngkin’s secretly recorded comments into something Youngkin did not say — and it’s especially a stretch to claim he has repeatedly said he would ban abortion in Virginia.”

Washington Post: McAuliffe ad falsely claims Youngkin ‘took over’ predatory dental clinics

On just about every level, this campaign ad is flat-out false. It claims that Youngkin ‘took over’ the dental clinics. Not only was he not part of the original transaction, but Carlyle did not own or manage the clinics; it merely helped fund the deal with loans.”

Bottom line: Terry McAuliffe has to resort to spreading lies about Glenn Youngkin to make up for his out-of-touch policies and lackluster enthusiasm among Virginia voters.

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