Terry McAuliffe Jumps Onto Kamala Harris’ Sinking Ship

Terry McAuliffe Jumps Onto Kamala Harris’ Sinking Ship

September 13, 2021

Kamala Harris is hosting a fundraiser for Washington Insider Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday as she deals with the fallout of a litany of national crises. 

New York Post: “Americans have further soured on Vice President Kamala Harris as she continues her radio silence on the chaotic and tragic withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, a new poll indicates. 

“According to a Rasmussen Reports survey released Thursday, 55 percent of likely voters say the former senator from California is either ‘not qualified’ or ‘not at all qualified’ to assume the duties of the presidency.”

The fundraiser comes in the wake of a WPA Intelligence poll suggesting “Joe Biden’s failures domestically and in Afghanistan are dragging McAuliffe down.”

Washington Examiner: “The WPA Intelligence survey, conducted for the Youngkin campaign, is the first to show the Republican tied or leading and follows a trend of surveys showing him on the rise and Biden on the outs with Virginia voters upset with his mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, rising inflation, and inability to kill COVID-19.”

Bottom line: Washington Insider Terry McAuliffe wants to import the same failed policies that have created one national crisis after another to the Commonwealth. His decision to campaign with Kamala Harris should serve as a reminder that McAuliffe is more concerned with rubbing elbows with his Washington allies than solving problems for hardworking Virginians.

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