Terry McAuliffe vs. Ron DeSantis?

Terry McAuliffe vs. Ron DeSantis?

August 17, 2021

Terry McAuliffe is grasping for any message that might stick as the polls narrow in his third gubernatorial bid. Instead of addressing the issues that matter most to Virginians, McAuliffe is wasting time and money on attacking the governor of a state hundreds of miles away.

This week’s fundraising email was the latest in a series of attempts from the McAuliffe campaign to tie Glenn Youngkin to popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

He also launched a campaign ad that same day promoting his goal of “growing Virginia’s economy” which ironically featured workers in Florida.

Washington Free Beacon: “The new ad from McAuliffe, who is running for his second term as governor, includes stock footage sold by Getty Images of a diverse pair of workers in Florida, a Washington Free Beacon investigation found. The ‘workers walking through metal fabrication shop stock video’ was shot in Florida in February 2019 and can be purchased for $170.”

Bottom line: Terry McAuliffe knows his attacks on Glenn Youngkin have failed, so he’s resorting to attacking a popular governor from a state hundreds of miles away. This is exactly what Virginians should expect from a Washington insider like McAuliffe, and it further exposes his inability to bring new ideas to Richmond.

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