Terry McAuliffe’s Weekend in Nantucket Sheds Light on Past Scandals

Terry McAuliffe’s Weekend in Nantucket Sheds Light on Past Scandals

July 14, 2021

Instead of campaigning in Virginia, Washington insider Terry McAuliffe spent the weekend rubbing elbows with wealthy liberal donors in Nantucket. From renting out the Lincoln Bedroom to selling Clinton inaugural coins and t-shirts on QVC, McAuliffe is notorious for his pay-to-play approach to politics.

Breitbart: McAuliffe also made headlines this past weekend after operatives caught up with the Virginia Democrat in the airport returning home from a weekend on Nantucket island, according to a video from the conservative research group Virginia Rising:

Shortly after the Democratic primary for governor, McAuliffe set off for an out-of-state, high-dollar fundraiser in New York City where donors forked over at least $1,000 to attend. The fundraiser was hosted by disgraced New York businessman and Democrat megadonor Dennis Mehiel, who was a candidate for New York lieutenant governor. Mehiel lost his election after admitting to fathering two children with two different women while still married to his first wife. The host committee also included longtime Clinton aid Jill Iscol. 

But wait, there’s more: In 2017, McAuliffe was forced to donate $57,000 that he received from disgraced Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein. In 2016, it was revealed that McAuliffe was under investigation for receiving $120,000 from Chinese businessman Wang Wenliang who was previously a delegate to China’s National People’s Congress. 

“Instead of jet-setting to New York or Nantucket, Terry McAuliffe should be visiting Richmond, where the crime rate has skyrocketed, or to Appomattox where his failed Chinese business deal cost taxpayers millions of dollars,” said Virginia Rising Action Executive Director Tucker Davis. “This footage further illustrates that McAuliffe is nothing more than an out-of-touch Washington insider who has no interest in serving anyone but himself and his wealthy liberal political donors.”

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