Gov. Wilder: “Virtually Impossible to get Answers from McAuliffe”

Gov. Wilder: “Virtually Impossible to get Answers from McAuliffe”

July 14, 2021

Former Virginia Gov. Doug Wilder continues to press Washington insider Terry McAuliffe for flip-flopping when he accepted the endorsement of his successor Ralph Northam after calling on him to resign during his infamous “blackface scandal.” 

Wilder, America’s first black elected governor, took to his website to voice his growing frustration with McAuliffe and the Democrat establishment for effectively pushing aside candidates of color who were seeking the office in the Democratic primary.

WTOP: “All of the candidates he opposed except one, were Black, including two women, whom he felt not qualified to be given the chance that he had been given,’  Wilder wrote.

WTOP reached out to McAuliffe’s campaign, which declined to comment on the story.”

Wilder, however, is not backing down. The former governor and Richmond Mayor issued another statement earlier today stating that McAuliffe’s actions speak far louder than his words. 

Wilder Visions: “I am a voter in VA; I have found, like many, that it is incredibly difficult to get answers, virtually impossible. I would like to know why I should cast my vote; not for what ‘leaders’ say, but what candidates do.

I learned coming up, ‘what you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say.’

McAuliffe demanded the immediate resignation of the entire Democratic administration, prompting him to break precedent and run again, marginalizing the field of black candidates, asking them ALL to support him.

Does he not believe that appearing in ‘blackface’ is racist? The governor of VA represents ALL of the people, and is EXPECTED to answer their questions.”

“Washington insider Terry McAuliffe cannot hide from the people of Virginia forever,” said Virginia Rising Action Executive Director Tucker Davis. “At some point, Terry McAuliffe will have to stop rubbing elbows with wealthy liberal donors in New York and Nantucket and answer for his blatant hypocrisy.”

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