Terry McAuliffe Exposed For Lying In Campaign Ad

Terry McAuliffe Exposed For Lying In Campaign Ad

July 2, 2021

The Washington Post has given Terry McAuliffe Three Pinocchios for “slicing and dicing” remarks made by Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin. The remarks were made at a panel discussion he moderated at the Export-Import Bank’s annual conference in 2017 with McAuliffe as one of the panelists.  

According to the Post, McAuliffe selectively edits Youngkin’s seemingly benign statements to make them appear that he was singing the Washington insider’s praises for his previous time as Governor.

The Washington Post: “Regular readers know that we are tough on campaign ads that rely on manipulated video to make their point. This ad slices and dices Youngkin’s comments to misleadingly claim that Youngkin praised McAuliffe’s tenure as governor. But instead, Youngkin was merely a moderator at a business panel, making benign comments and offering no indication he was a “big fan” of McAuliffe.”

This isn’t the first time McAuliffe has been rebuked for making false claims to voters about his record as Governor. Politifact has rebuked McAuliffe three times for repeatedly claiming to have inherited the “largest budget deficit in Virginia history.”

Politifact: “We gave False ratings to this repeated claim twice in 2015 and once in 2019. McAuliffe did not inherit a deficit when he took office. His Republican predecessor, Gov. Bob McDonnell, left behind balanced budgets as required by Virginia’s constitution.”

“Washington insider Terry McAuliffe’s blatant lies are finally catching up with him,” said Virginia Rising Action Executive Director Tucker Davis. “McAuliffe is finally being taken to task for his shameless attempts to mislead Virginia voters.”

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