Virginia Democrats Still in Disarray After Final Primary Debate

Virginia Democrats Still in Disarray After Final Primary Debate

June 2, 2021

During the Democrats’ final gubernatorial debate, it was clear that they are far from uniting behind Terry McAuliffe. Former delegate Carroll Foy told voters that McAuliffe “failed the people of Virginia” and that Virginians “deserve better” than him.

Foy and Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax both took McAuliffe to task over sensitive racial issues as McAuliffe boasted about restoring voting rights to convicted felons. Foy was forced to remind McAuliffe that “not all Black people are felons.” Fairfax went on to question why McAuliffe is running against three Black candidates in the primary, asserting that he is part of the problem by ensuring African Americans are “shut out of opportunities.”

State Senator Jennifer McClellan accused McAuliffe of plagiarizing one of her key policy proposals. She said McAuliffe’s education plan was “remarkably similar” to legislation she has been working on.

The debate proved once again that Democrats are failing to unite behind Washington insider Terry McAuliffe. His record of failure positions Republicans to win back control of the governorship for the first time since 2009.

“When Democrats go to the polls next week they will inevitably choose a candidate who is out of touch with hardworking Virginians,” Virginia Rising Action Executive Director Tucker Davis said. “Republicans will stay focused on the issues Virginians care about: Stopping the indoctrination of our children in schools, ensuring our neighborhoods are safe, and getting people back to work with family-supporting jobs.”

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