Terry McAuliffe’s Claim About Petersburg Schools Rated ‘Mostly False’ by PolitiFact

Terry McAuliffe’s Claim About Petersburg Schools Rated ‘Mostly False’ by PolitiFact

May 13, 2021

During a May 6 Democratic gubernatorial debate, Washington insider Terry McAuliffe touted that “every single Petersburg school was accredited” when he left office, implying a miraculous turn of events in the city’s educational performance during his tenure as Governor. 

McAuliffe’s assertion was immediately disputed by former delegate and current candidate for governor Jennifer Carroll Foy who grew up in Petersburg and argued, “I would like to say that facts matter, and right now there is only one accredited school in Petersburg, Virginia.”

PolitiFact looked into McAuliffe’s claim and rated it “mostly false,” determining that McAuliffe’s statement was “misleading” and even “dead wrong” in some areas.

PolitiFact: “McAuliffe’s claim that ‘every single Petersburg school was accredited’ is misleading. Only two of the city’s six schools were fully accredited – up none the previous year. The other four schools were ‘conditionally accredited,’ meaning they were performing below state standards in at least one area and required remedial action. They were among the bottom-performing 7% of schools in Virginia.

McAuliffe’s statement skirts another important factor: No Virginia public school has been denied accreditation since the new standards went into effect – conditionally accredited is the worst rating that has been doled out.”

PolitiFact: “He’s dead wrong if you look at the end of his term in January 2018, when none of the city’s public schools was fully accredited by the state based on standardized testing, three were denied accreditation, and three were partially certified.”

Washington insider Terry McAuliffe failed Virginians once before, and the facts bear out that he will do it again,” said Virginia Rising Action Executive Director Tucker Davis. “Virginians deserve better than an ineffective talking head who consistently bends the truth about his record just to score cheap political points.”

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