ICYMI: ‘Anti-Racist’ Facebook Group Planned to Use ‘Hackers’ to Silence Parents who Oppose Critical Race Theory in Schools

ICYMI: ‘Anti-Racist’ Facebook Group Planned to Use ‘Hackers’ to Silence Parents who Oppose Critical Race Theory in Schools

March 18, 2021

In case you missed it, members of the Facebook group “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” are calling for a full-scale attack against parents and teachers who oppose critical race theory in public schools. Critical Race Theory is a Marxist ideology  which teaches children that racism is present in every facet of their life and that racism was created by white people to oppress others. The radical theory was recently slapped down by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who called the ideology hateful and un-American.

TownHall: “Let me be clear, there is no room in our classrooms for things like Critical Race Theory. Teaching kids to hate their country & to hate each other is not worth one red cent of taxpayer money,” DeSantis said. “We will invest in actual, solid, true curriculum and we will be a leader in the development and implementation of a world class civics education.”

The group has gone as far as suggesting the use of hackers and pseudonyms to take down anyone who disagrees with them. 

MRCTV: “…the 624-member ‘anti-racist’ group, which includes parents as well as school employees and elected officials, sought to silence other parents who disagreed with their race-focused agenda through ‘infiltration’ of their groups and the use of ‘hackers’ to take down websites – believing they should ‘expose these people publicly’ for the greater good. Some of the members even used pseudonyms to unsuccessfully hide their identities as they attacked parents.”

This comes on the heels of Loudoun County’s aggressive “anti-racism” agenda they’ve been pushing onto schools over the past several years — including required “Equity in the Center” training courses for all school staff and a $3,820 bonus to any teacher that acts as an “equity lead.”

Beth Barts, a school board member who was stripped of her committee assignments for publicly lashing out at anyone who was against her equity agenda, requested support from members of the “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” Facebook group.

What resulted was a string of disturbing ideas from multiple members of the group suggesting that they intentionally infiltrate lawmakers and leaders who are against the critical race theory movement. In a Facebook post, one local mother wrote:

“This is a call for volunteers to combat the anti-CRT activities of the P.A.C.T. folks, the stoplcpscrt website, and the like. Looking for folks who are interested in volunteering to organize, lead, execute, and donate regarding the following points:

  • Gather information (community mailing lists, list of folks who are in charge of the anti-CRT movement, lists of local lawmakers/folks in charge)
  • Infiltrate (create fake online profiles and join these groups to collect and communicate information, hackers who can either shut down their websites or redirect them to pro-CRT/anti-racist informational webpages)
  • Spread information (expose these people publicly, create online petitions, create counter-mailings)
  • Find a way to gather donations for these efforts. Volunteering is great, but these activities can be costly and not everyone has extra funds readily available”

Another member agreed with the idea, commenting: “Regarding the anti-CRT movement, we’d like to compile a document of all known actors and supporters. Please comment below with legal names of these individuals, area of residence and or school board Rep known, known accounts on social media, and any other info that you feel is relevant.”

As stated by MRCTV, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is aware of the posts and are “looking into the allegations.”

“Critical Race Theory is a dangerous ideology which teaches children at a young and impressionable age that it’s acceptable to treat someone differently based on the color of their skin.” Said Virginia Rising Executive Director Tucker Davis. “With Virginia schools being closed for nearly an entire year, it is utterly appalling that leftist agitators and elected officials would use young students in their radical and divisive game of identity politics.”

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