Liberal Roanoke Legislator Pushes Virginia Green New Deal

Liberal Roanoke Legislator Pushes Virginia Green New Deal

January 12, 2021

Roanoke Delegate and Democrat Lt. Governor candidate Sam Rasoul has pre-filed legislation that is virtually a carbon copy of radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Green New Deal here in the Commonwealth. The legislation will require Virginia electric utilities to be 80% renewable by 2028 and 100% renewable by 2036.

“The measure requires that under the renewable energy portfolio standard program, Dominion Energy Virginia and American Electric Power be required to produce their electricity from 80 percent renewable sources by 2028 and 100 percent by 2036. The measure increases the incremental energy efficiency savings that each investor-owned incumbent electric utility is required to achieve that start in 2022 at 2.4 percent for American Electric Power and Dominion Energy Virginia of the average annual energy retail sales by that utility in 2020 and increases those savings annually.”

Just last year, Gov. Northam signed The Clean Economy Act into law which required 100% carbon free by 2045, Rasoul’s Green New Deal Act would shorten that time frame by 9 years. The Virginia Green New Deal also calls for the Virginia Department of Mines Minerals and Energy to establish a state welfare program to help workers in the coal and gas industry with relocation support and early retirement benefits.

“The measure requires the Department to establish the Transitioning Workers Program (the Program) to provide support for workers in the fossil fuel industry and affected communities and provide such workers job training, relocation support, income and benefit support, and early retirement benefits. The measure provides for funding such program by 20 percent of the revenue generated by the allowance auction established by the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality.”

Other Democrat statewide candidates have also signed on to support the radical measure, such as gubernatorial candidates Lee Carter and Jennifer Carroll-Foy. They are joined by Rasoul’s Lt. Governor opponent, Del. Elizabeth Guzman.

The new majority in the Virginia General Assembly is seeking to radically transform our Commonwealth into a socialist dystopia. The Virginia Green New Deal will not only displace thousands of Virginia workers but will also make it impossible for the average Virginian to provide for their families and put food on the table. This is leftist social planning at its worst and it must be stopped.

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