Radical Progressive Group Backs Jennifer Carroll-Foy for Governor

Radical Progressive Group Backs Jennifer Carroll-Foy for Governor

January 11, 2021

Citing her support for the Virginia Green New Deal and repealing Virginia’s Right to Work law, the progressive group Justice Democrats has endorsed Former Del. Jennifer Carroll-Foy in her campaign for Governor, who resigned her House of Delegates seat late last year to focus on her gubernatorial run, has been touted as the more moderate alternative to Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe.  

However, with fellow state legislator and Bernie Sanders’ Former Virginia Campaign Chairman Lee Carter jumping into the race, Foy is now positioning herself to become the favorite of grassroots progressives.

In their endorsement of Foy, the progressive group made famous for recruiting New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, took an apparent swipe at the presumptive Democratic front-runner Terry McAuliffe.

“Business as usual will not cut it for our current post-Covid19 global pandemic world. We are in the middle of a climate crisis, a moment of reckoning for historic systemic racism, mass unemployment and evictions deepening the economic recession, environmental injustices, and attacks on civil and human rights. Pro-corporate polices like those of past VA Gubernatorial administrations, have left our communities at the mercy of such crises. We cannot go back to that.”

Just last month, Foy received the endorsement of another ultra-liberal organization Democracy for America which supported progressive hardliners Senator-Elect Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff in Georgia.

McAuliffe is also facing mounting criticism from African-American political leaders such as former Gov. Doug Wilder. On his website “Wilder Visions,” America’s first African-American Governor lashed out at McAuliffe for taking minority communities for granted.

With groups like Justice Democrats now getting involved, the Virginia Democratic primary will only become more divisive.

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