“Rejecting and Divisive:” Fmr. Gov. Wilder Hammers McAuliffe, Democrat Establishment 

“Rejecting and Divisive:” Fmr. Gov. Wilder Hammers McAuliffe, Democrat Establishment 

December 14, 2020

America’s first black Governor and former Richmond Mayor L. Douglas Wilder called on McAuliffe and Virginia Democrats for their “rejecting” and “divisive” rhetoric toward McAuliffe’s African-American primary opponents, Sen. Jennifer McClellan, Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy and Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax.

“It was disturbing to hear from those Democrats supporting the return of a former governor to run for that office in 2021, that the current candidates (all Black, two of them women) must ‘wait their turn; they are not ready yet’. The current needs of the Commonwealth are too burdensome for them to bear, they say.’

I heard this same exclusionary talk more than 30 years ago.

Seemingly, the Democrats have not learned that absent strong voter support from those constituent groups, there may be no victory celebration by ANY Democrats. I call on the party leadership, including the current governor, to denounce that rejecting and divisive rhetoric..“- Former Gov. L. Douglas Wilder

Wilder, a founding member of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, warned earlier in the month that next year’s elections will be “laced with racial overtones not witnessed in recent times.”

“The top contenders for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General leading into the year were African Americans, women being in that number.

The current Governor and Attorney General were faced with “blackface” exposure. The Lt. Governor is involved with litigation to prove that allegations of sexual misconduct are not true. He alleges that the former governor who called for his resignation minutes after the public allegations, was a part of an effort to discredit him, thereby paving the way for his reentry, and run for governor.

The current Governor cannot succeed himself. The Attorney General has abandoned plans to run for Governor and seeks re-election.

The former Governor has officially announced plans to run again.

All of these persons are Democrats.

This ill bespeaks of the unity required to be the best chance for success.

There are obviously things going on that the people don’t know.” – Former Gov. L. Douglas Wilder

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